think from the end

This is powerful!  And it let's you imagine and manifest with a lot more freedom and a lot less constraints.  Instead of racking your brain how on earth you are going to get there -wherever that is - turn the process around. 

Imagine what you want to achieve - that Maserati you absolutely want to drive, those friends in high places you believe you deserve, the pool you always wanted - but don't worry how you're going to get there.  Just kidding about all that material stuff, although that works, too.  You can start small just to test how it works and then make your goals bigger.   I always ask for a parking spot near where I need to go and am almost always lucky.  This morning I woke up with an uncomfortable backache.  My body reminded me that I hadn't been to yoga in a while.   So I went to yoga and casually mentioned my achy back - you do need to ask the universe for what you need, it does not guess your thoughts.  Well, I had the most beneficial yoga practice and it felt as if it were custom tailored just for me.  My back is restored and I am pain free. 

Imagine that new job with the nice boss, the creative team, near your home, with a good salary, or whatever else you want to manifest.  Author Mike Dooley compared the process of thinking from the end to a GPS system.  You put the destination in and then watch how the GPS aka universe finds the fastest way to get you from A to B.  And be careful what you wish for ......