treat yourself

It's not always about money or what money can buy.  Sure, that luxury spa day makes you feel pampered.  But it also costs a ton of money and that's not what this  is about.  It's about spending quality quiet time with yourself.   And you can do that in many forms and most of them cost nothing. bubble bathYesterday I went to yoga, slow yoga to be exact (not that high-energy type of yoga, that's not me, and it's not quiet time).  At night, while I cook dinner, I often have a glass of wine while chopping and sautéing.  It makes my cooking experience more enjoyable.  Or how about a bubble bath before going to bed or out to dinner?  Or 10 minutes of meditation (you can find guided meditations online if you don't trust yourself to stay focused, check out the Chopra Center's free guided meditations).   Spending time watering my indoor plants is kind of a meditative quiet time for me, and I love to discover new air roots and flower spikes emerging from my orchids.

As a matter-of-fact, I enjoy writing this blog post right now.  So in a way I am treating myself.  So what is something you will be doing for yourself?  And about that glass of wine - be sure to drink it out of a beautiful glass.DSC00333