what about homeopathy?

As we are reaching the limits of absurdity of our Western healthcare system,  as in outrageous costs (see NY Times on the outrageous cost of medical procedures here vs. other countries), ineffective treatments, reimbursement nightmares, being treated like a number, dangerous side effects, to name just a few issues, more and more people are turning  to what they call "CAM," complementary and alternative medicine. Over the next few weeks I will present a few of those alternative therapies as a matter of inspiration.  I can't hide my bias for homeopathy, coming from Germany (where it comes from), and having grown up in France and Belgium (where pharmacies' awnings declare whether they carry homeopathic remedies, which many of them do, because it is a commonly accepted treatment method over there).

homeopathic over-the-counter remedies

Over on this side of the Atlantic homeopathy is oftentimes still poopooed as "nothing more than diluted water" out of sheer ignorance - but then there will always be skeptics until they open up their minds to new possibilities.

Homeopathy, like for example aromatherapy, works on the subtle energetic level.  The remedies realign and rebalance our frequencies (the higher your frequency the healthier and more joyful you are, the lower your frequency the worse your health and also your disposition and emotional wellbeing).  Homeopathic remedies come in dilutions so minute, that the original substance cannot be detected in them.  However, the pill or the water the pill has been dissolved in, has been imprinted with the subtle information of the original matter it was made of such as mineral or plant.  Strangely enough, the higher the potency, the more subtle the dilution - and lo and behold, the more powerful the effect.

Over-the-counter remedies, like the blue ones shown in the first picture, can be helpful.  They come in the lower potencies.  But the real help comes by seeing a homeopathic practitioner, preferably someone who is also an MD, and who determines the appropriate remedy via conversation to understand your symptoms, character, disposition, moods etc.  S/he may prescribe some of the higher potencies shown in the second picture, that should only be taken with appropriate instruction from a qualified practitioner as to how often to take them.

high-potency remedies prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner

Homeopathy is powerful, yet very gentle, and has no side effects whatsoever.  It is as effective for many physical symptoms as it is for emotional ones, such as depression, anxiety or eating disorders.   How the healing proceeds depends on many factors.  Oftentimes, I have taken a homeopathic remedy and after a few weeks the symptom has simply subtly disappeared.  Other times, the effect can be almost immediate.  It does happen, too, that other issues or symptoms disappear as well, or that you feel better in ways you would never have been able to anticipate.

Once, while I was still doing Taekwondo, I began taking a remedy.  A few days later I had to do a wood break.  My subtle energy had risen to such a level that the wood broke a split second before my heel actually hit the wood!

Please check out the American Institute of Homeopathy, The North American Society of Homeopaths and the National Center for Homeopathy for more information.  Happy Healing!