win-win is better

We are so used to the adversarial win-lose scenarios of our predatory culture that we forget that win-win scenarios are not only possible, but so much more advantageous for everyone.  In win-lose scenarios one party must lose for the other to win, such as in our many team sports.  Same goes for business.  We believe we can only make enough money and come out on top if the other party gets less than enough.  Kids are told that they need to learn to be a good loser.  What a bunch of… feels terrible to lose, no matter what we are told.  It’s time we opened up to a new reality.  Using mediation instead of litigation to resolve differences is an example of this new way of thinking.  Litigation works according to the old model, one party wins, the other loses.  Mediation, on the other hand, looks for the common ground and considers both parties’ needs, then brokers win-win outcomes, the new model.  Thinking win-win takes some truly worthwhile rethinking.