I admit, I did not get it for a long time, the “don’t think,”  “drop into your heart space”  or “count from 1 to 10 and then start over” effort to get “out of my mind.”  Finally I did get it when I recently read Martha Beck’s new book Finding Your Way In A Wild New World Martha spoke about dropping into “wordlessness.”  That’s it!  Somehow I understood that analogy a lot better than all of the others and a lightbulb went off. It’s as if there was a word world floating in, around and above us that engulfs us.  We name everything, categorize everything, judge everything, and clad everything into words.  However, words lock our experience, our vision into our individual perspective with our particular set of emotions attached to it.  On the other hand when you drop out of that framework by leaving the words by the wayside everything simply is the way it is – it is not tinted with the meaning of words.  When I slip out of this word cloud that surrounds me I find myself in a space where there is only feeling, seeing, sensing, being.   That world is devoid of anxiety, anger, and all of the other negative emotions, because those arise only out of the connection between words, past experience and future expectations. Try it sometime!