yum - raw milk

Our cats love the cream from the top of the milk.  Not only cats digest raw milk, which has neither been pasteurized nor homogenized, better than the processed version.  Many people, who are supposedly lactose intolerant, also have an easier time digesting milk the way nature made it.  The health benefits of raw milk versus its processed compromised poor cousin are tremendous.  Today was our milk pick-up day.  We take turns with a few other local families, coop style, picking raw milk directly up from the (currently) only dairy farm in Orange County approved to sell raw milk by the Department of Health.  So we actually get to meet the cows that provide us with our milk.

Personally, I love the cream on top even more than the milk.  On the photo you can see how much cream comes with a ½ gallon of milk, more than a cup.  I use it for making ice cream, deglazing, in quiche, and as a treat for our cats.

Yum - raw milk!