an attitude of gratitude

DSC08017How about thinking of life as a gift, as author Charles Eisenstein suggests?  What an extraordinary opportunity, what a biological coincidence, what a marvel that you find yourself incarnated in this body, in this place, during these times which Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker has called the most peaceful on earth yet (despite what the media coverage might suggest). Think about this opportunity as a gift to experience life on this beautiful earth, a gift to express your spiritual self in this three dimensional realm through all the things you do, a gift to share your life with all the people you choose to have around you.  This perspective creates an attitude of a half full glass instead of a half empty glass, an attitude of gratitude, an attitude of joy, amazement and wonder.  Research suggests that people with a positive outlook on life, a good social network, and a can-do attitude have a longer life expectancy.  So from that perspective alone it's worth it.

What if life were really only about the actual experience and joy of being?