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Next on my very informal review of a few alternative healing therapies is reflexology, a therapeutic foot massage. Reflexology, or something close to it, was used both in ancient Egypt and ancient China.  Like many other alternative therapies it is a therapy that has been around for quite some time and we are re/discovering it in our search for less invasive, more gentle, and less expensive treatment methods than the allopathic (conventional) medical system.  Reflexology is a massage therapy and energy healing system applied to specific points under the feet and based on the assumption that specific areas of the foot soles relate to specific organs and areas of the body.  footchart

Similar to acupuncture, reflexology too aims to rebalance the body's energy flow, which in turn promotes healing.  Most of all reflexology is extremely relaxing.  If you believe nothing else about it, you will come out of a one-hour session very relaxed and content.

For more information check out the Reflexology Association of America, the New York State Reflexology Association and the American Reflexology Certification Board.