bloodworms and brine shrimp

My daughter loves all animals, and her cats to pieces. She was never afraid of animals, not even when she was little and got bitten by a big dog.  A few months ago she got a Betta fish. Now she is doing extensive research on a proper diet for this predator of a fish, that sadly oftentimes only gets fed pellets and flakes in captivity. This diet can eventually lead to illness, as can feeding kibbles to cats and dogs, feeding grain to cattle, and the Western Diet to mankind. We are what we eat, and so are animals. DSC01867   I am so pleased that she wants to give her little fish the best possible food for his kind, and realizing the importance of diet on a living thing. She told me that Betta fish thrive on blood worms (ahem...), preferably live ones (not so sure about that one...), and brine shrimp.

This post is really not about the specifics of Betta fish food, but rather about the direct connection between diet and health and wellbeing in all living things. I wrote previously about the homemade raw cat food our cats thrive on, and which emulates as closely and feasibly as possible what a feline would eat in its natural habitat. The dried foods the pet food industry promotes are less than sorry versions of a carnivore's natural diet, as are packaged supermarket foods for us. If you are still interested in the ideal Betta fish diet, here is a very humorously written webpage on it.

We all need our own version of bloodworms and brine shrimp.