let food be thy medicine

DSC01759A lot of food bashing has been going on in recent years about the Western Diet, and rightfully so. While many cultures have been using foods to heal the body through their various properties (as in Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine for example), over here we have been eating food that actually makes us sick, as in cancer, diabetes, arthritis, food allergies, heart disease and what not.   Those sick foods have been euphemistically labeled the Western Diet. But what if foods could actually heal, as Dr. Hippocrates of Ancient Greece already said - "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." Eating properly actually keeps us healthy and full of energy, or supports the healing process by boosting our immune system if we have healing to do.

DSC01693            Seems that many of us have to relearn what healthy foods are (also see my earlier post on live and dead foods). Healthy foods are not processed (if it has more than one ingredient and comes in a package or a can it's processed) but are as fresh and local as you can get them (more life energy), have not been sprayed with toxins (yuck, who wants those accumulating in their body?), have been grown in healthy and rich soil that has been fertilized as naturally as possible (otherwise, where are the minerals and trace elements supposed to come from?), meat comes from grassfed animals (corn makes cows and their meat sick!), as does dairy, which should also be unpasteurized, unhomogenized and raw. And make green and red your favorite colors. Leafy green vegetables have been labeled a superfood because they have such a concentration of vitamins, minerals and trace elements (more so than fruit!), and are high in fiber, low in calories and carbs, while the reds are loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals.

DSC01763            And lots of raw (no, I'm not an advocate of a raw food diet) is especially good for you (do green smoothies if you don't like to eat your greenies raw - blend an avocado, leafy greens (stems and all), lemon juice, an apple or a carrot for slight sweetness - voilà, the healthiest breakfast prepared in minutes (and believe me, it makes you feel full and satisfied).