crazy times - creative times

Crazy times here on earth!  Between the end of the Mayan calendar, the insane shooting last week, and all the other serious problems we have created - environmental, cultural, nutritionally, agriculturally and so on - it is a pretty chaotic world.  But it is also an insanely creative and opportune time to awaken and turn things around (before it truly is too late).  Like in a huge thunderstorm, where warm and cold air masses collide, the old and new are colliding in front of our eyes.  There are so many conservative and fundamentalist movements out there composed of people afraid of change, confused by what is going on, and who would like to take refuge in the old known ways.  And then there are the new movements, from the Occupy movement, to the Arab Spring, to the many women’s lib initiatives all over the world.  I mean a woman, albeit conservative, was just elected to the Korean presidency! Because 12/21/2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar usher in a new consciousness, 2013, more than any other new year in recent times, is a grand opportunity to follow your heart, make sweeping changes in your life, make a difference in the world, in your community, for yourself, and move this evolving consciousness along and in the direction of a better world, a more cooperative world, a more compassionate world, a more creative world, a saner and healthier world.