mirror mirror

Did you ever wonder why the world may seem full of wonder and beauty one day, and perhaps gray and miserable the next? It’s the same world after all, the world hasn’t changed suddenly. We see the world through our emotions, or I could say that the world reflects back to us our state of mind.  If you have never thought about it in this way, it might seem far fetched or even crazy.  What, there is no objective world out there that “is the way it is?”  No, everything is in the eyes of the beholder.  Even quantum physics says so.

Think about it.   If you have endured a calamity, or you are simply down and out, the world appears utterly bleak to you.  Yet, the same world simultaneously appears full of magic to someone freshly in love.  We tend to blame people, situations or the state of affairs of our world for our experiences; we put the cause outside ourselves.  In reality it works the other way round.  We attract or get mirrored our state of mind through interaction with our environment.  A shift in emotions, a shift in beliefs and values, shifts how we experience everything around us.

Looking at your experiences, your life, from this amazing perspective opens up a world of possibilities for spiritual growth.