gut feelings and hunches

Quite frequently I know who is calling as soon as the phone rings - and I am not cheating and looking at the caller ID.  I am sure you have experienced a "hunch" or a "gut feeling" about something, maybe you have seen ghosts, or not. Maybe you trust what you have experienced and do something with that information, but more often than not you probably ignore it and let it pass by because it doesn't seem real.   Since these experiences are invisible - you can't see that hunch, you can't grab that ghost - and we have become so visual to the exclusion of our senses beyond the 5th, we don't attach much importance to these experiences. Since the Age of Enlightenment (ahem..) our culture has discounted the senses that pick up this type of information (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience). Moreover, our culture has become increasingly fast, which makes it impossible to pick this stuff up without slowing down, being quiet and listening inward. DSC01298 Just like animal tracks in the snow make raccoon, deer and cat wanderings through our property visible and real in the winter, while we can only gather their presence with the help of clues at other times of the year (shaved bark, droppings), we can make this kind of ethereal information real and trustworthy through training our senses.

Hunches come to everyone differently, through your inner ear or eye or thought. Take notice next time whether it comes to you as a thought passing through,  whether you hear an inner voice, or perhaps see a picture of the caller popping up in your head. Simply pay attention and acknowledge next time this happens. Confirm that the information you get is correct and acknowledge that as well. This strengthens your trust in picking this type of communication up so you can actually make use of it. My daughter and I recently took a class in animal communication - animals communicate telepathically- and learned to tune into our cats and strengthen our ability to listen to, pick up and get information to and from them. Our instructor explained that it is like learning a new language and requires practice practice practice.  Just like when you decide to learn Russian or French, it doesn't happen overnight.  Of course it seems a bit unreal at first because the cat sits there in silence without facial expressions for us to go by while something is evidently going on in its mind, and we have to go deep and inward to pick it up.

Next time the phone rings, why not try to guess who is calling?