there's hope yet

UnknownWatching the mainstream news you might just tear your hair out over the current state of affairs of the world, what with climate change, ISIS, the state of our environment and all those civilization diseases that afflict us. Enough to become depressed. Mainstream media knows what sells, and that is blood, gore and fear mongering. Things look gloomy from that perspective, indeed. I don't disagree that our world is in major disarray - environmentally, economically and culturally. But there is hope on the horizon and I am optimistic. Here is why.   I see all those new holistically oriented grassroots movements bubbling up here and there and everywhere. Barbara Kingsolver already stated in 2007, in her wonderful book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle that these kinds of holistic pockets are no longer limited to the two coasts, but are popping up all over the country.

SONY DSCBetween the green living movement, the slow food movement and all its related efforts and awareness initiatives, climate activism, so many many environmental efforts, the localization movement, homesteading and the new farm movement, waste reduction, composting and recycling, alternative and homeschooling, cooperative living, alternative healing modalities, and then some, a cauldron full of new energy and ideas is bubbling.

1559126-300x253 Other than perhaps the tiny nascent environmental movement there was none of this when I arrived in this country in the early 1980s. This development has burst into the open on all fronts in just a quarter century. Amazing!  When you know where to look it is so exciting and encouraging! Be a part of it.