it's over so fast

My daughter remarked last night that it was over so fast.So much anticipation and preparation goes into the weeks before Easter. About three weeks ago we brought Magnolia branches in from the garden, from which we hung blown-out painted eggs. Two weeks before Easter I always buy a hyacinth. Its wonderful scent, which we all associate with Easter, spreads through the entire house. Then we plan the menu. Lamb is traditional, as are asparagus and herbs, and anything green, tender, small and new, since Easter is about spring and renewal. We hide large decorated cardboard eggs for the children, which my parents send from Germany. The eggs pop open and get filled with smaller items, such as foil covered dark chocolate eggs or small chocolate bunnies. This year the weather was so pleasant that we hid the eggs outside in the garden (we wrote a list of the hiding places so we wouldn’t leave unfound eggs to the raccoons). And then a few hours later it was all over. So is the journey towards the day more important than the day itself?