the best cat food

Yesterday was cat food day again, which happens once a month at our house. “Garbage in – garbage out,” or the flipside “quality food in – health out,” is a motto that works for us as it does for animals. Our older 3 ½ year-old tomcat was raised on “high quality” dry food - out of ignorance. Well, the consequences began to show last year. He had gained weight and had become lethargic. So, besides getting him an adorable little black female companion from the shelter, I researched cat food. Since then I have been making my own from scratch based on a recipe by vet Lisa Pierson. It is a mix of raw and semi-cooked chicken, gizzards, livers, and various supplements. The results speak louder than words. Within three months our cat had naturally slimmed down and regained his vitality. Both cats have shimmery shiny fur, chase each other through the house, and maintain an ideal weight. Our holistic vet confirmed that making your own cat food “is the best thing you can do for your cats.”