my spiritual life begins with putting on lipstick in the morning

Swami Rudrananda, the spiritual teacher also known as Rudi, used to say that your spiritual practice begins with making your bed in the morning.  Although I do make my bed in the morning, my day begins with putting on lipstick.  What Rudi meant, though, was that your spiritual and your everyday life are one and the same, and your everyday life has to be in order as a basis for a good spiritual practice.  It is misguided to neglect your everyday life for the lofty pursuit of a removed spiritual life.  One such example was published in  The NY Times last week about a 3-year yoga retreat that ended prematurely and with a fatal consequence for one of two participants.  Instead, you eventually interweave your spiritual convictions and practice with your material life.  Since most of my work happens in front of my computer at home I need to get myself and the house in order before doing anything else; part of that is dressing up nicely and putting lipstick on.  After that I am ready for the day.