to weed or not to weed

Weeds are not “bad” per se, after all they are part of the biodiversity of the plant kingdom.  It is more a matter of perspective how we see them.  Out of laissez-faire I have weeded relatively little in both our vegetable garden as well as the rest of the garden this year, and I am finding that the whole garden is just so filled with all kinds of plants, more so it seems than in other years.  Our bees are happy, wild flowers and herbs are spreading, vegetables are self-seeding from one year to the next – it’s incredibly abundant.  Some “weeds” are actually edible, such as dandelions or purslane for example.  Other “weeds,” which we call wild flowers, are pretty in the garden or beautiful in a vase gathered in big generous bunches.  Others spread an incredible scent, as does our wild and wildly growing honey suckle.  Making weeds my allies, instead of “fighting” them as enemies, is a much more cooperative approach, as The Healthy Environment Group and Bill Finch explained recently in separate write-ups.