sthira and sukha

A few days ago my yoga teacher spoke about the yogic concepts of sthira and sukha.  The Sanskrit word sthira means grounded or relaxed alertness, while sukha is a certain ease.  When I  think of a professional violinist, a Japanese calligrapher, a martial arts practitioner, or anyone else accomplished in their discipline, I see those qualities in them.  That combination of in-the-momentness and effortlessness arises out of years of dedicated practice and results in profound perfection.   When I see a classical ballerina dancing on stage what she does looks easy, but oh boy is it impossible to do what she does without years and years of hard work.  We can extend the goal of striving for sthira and sukha in yoga to striving for it in life.  Moreover, the gradual development and achievement of these two qualities in any one area or discipline will inevitably spread into and begin to permeate all other areas of our life.