wu weiying or rolling with the punches

We wu weyed our way through this past week in quite amazing ways.  Wu wei, one of  the central concepts of Taoism, basically means going with the flow instead of resisting what comes your way.

For many years we had set our minds on finally building that perfect house on a beautiful piece of property we recently paid off.  Then we came to the shocking realization, much money and a few months of schematics later, that our architect was doing his own thing instead of steering the project towards meeting all our needs in the best possible way.  That’s where wu wei came in.  We rolled with the punches so fast it was dizzying.  Only a week later we have put a binder on a house with the most gorgeous property.  And while it is not a Passiv Haus in terms of energy efficiency, it meets all our other needs in more ways than we could have ever imagined.    Wu weying takes a flexible mind and trust that the universe brings you what you need - if you are able to visualize clearly what you need (not what it looks like, nor how it will materialize).  Without that inner resistance it is effortless to let the universe do the work for you, rather than striving hard towards a specific outcome.  Try it next time and let the universe come up with an opportunity beyond your wildest dreams.