taking charge

A brief bout with mild depression a bunch of years ago taught me an important lesson and helped me to shift my thinking drastically.  At that time I felt like a victim of circumstances, believing that the world was to blame for where I was at in life.  I even went to an allopathic doctor and got myself some pills.  But then something shifted in my mind.  I realized that I create my life, my circumstances, my opportunities, the way I perceive everything around me, out of my own consciousness and beliefs, and that those are not static, I can change them.  I brought the unopened pills back to the pharmacy and took charge of my life. It is not only incredibly empowering to wake up to this wonderfully creative opportunity of shaping and creating my future today and every day, it is also an awesome responsibility.  And it has implications for the people around us.

Martin Luther King famously said something along the lines of “only when you are at your best can I be at my best, and only when I am at my best, can you be at your best.”  The more we realize our own creative potential, the more we illuminate everything and everyone around us.

To Life!