the lightness of summer

DSC00718Summer has something carefree about it, something lighthearted.   The kids are home from school and college, schedules tend to be looser, cities empty out as people go away, outdoor cafés and restaurants are filled as we yearn for meals under the blue or starry sky, farmer's markets sell a bounty of flowers in poppy colors, we wear lighter and brighter clothes, and everything just seems, well, bouncier.DSC07184 This energy is a great contrast to the heavier ambiance of the colder months - at least for those of us who don't live in southern climes.  Being aware of the change in energies with the seasons makes it possible to live each season more fully, more aware, more in sync with nature and the universe. Summer energy means eating lighter (more greens, DSC01481more raw stuff, more fruits), adding color to your menu (red chard, orange and yellow peppers, yellow corn, tomatoes in all kinds of colors, red kale, green peas, purple carrots) and wardrobe (more flowery patterns, splashes of color), spending more time outdoors, bringing the outdoors in with flowers, cooking outside, opening your windows to let the breeze in, breathing deeper, singing while you make the beds - you get it.

Live lightly, enjoy the lightness!